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Enjoy cleaner, healthier air in your space

Energy-efficient and attractive, Humidex apartment and condo units get rid of musty smells, eliminate or reduce excess humidity, window condensation, moisture damage, and airborne pollutant in spaces up to 2,000 square feet.

You may not be able to control the air in your apartment or condo building but you can clean up the air in your own space.These sleek, modern digital units use our proprietary smart technology, with two special modes: Vacant - allows it to run more efficiently when your place is vacant for extended periods of time. A/C - allows it to run more efficiently when you are operating an air conditioner.

Better than a conventional dehumidifier that does not exchange the air or ventilate, and is expensive to operate, your Humidex apartment

or condo unit will provide a healthier, drier, more comfortable home at a fraction of the energy cost. Your Humidex apartment/condo unit will:
  • reduce humidity levels, condensation on windows, and stale air
  • replace damp, humid air with clean, dry air
  • eliminate musty odors and other airborne pollutants, such as fumes from paints, furnishings, carpeting, and household cleaning products
  • prevent costly mold and mildew damage
  • reduce the risk of costly household repairs due to rotting
  • improve air quality year-round

  • Proper installation by a knowledgeable professional ensures maximum performance from your Humidex┬« unit for many years to come.

    Automatic Adjustment System
    Model Type: No controls required is automatic system.
    Installation area: Apartments - Condos

    HCS Ventilation System with Wire Control
    Model Type: Humidity Control System
    Installation area: Above-Ground Model for on-slab home, apartment, or condo use

    HCS myH Wireless Wall Control
    Model Type: Humidity Control System & myHome
    Installation area: Apartments - Condos


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